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I absolutely LOVE tutorials.  For anything – fashion, home, cooking, make-up, hair… endless lists of anything you might want to do or make are online.  I also LOVE working out how to make things, so I thought it might be time to merge my two passions and start doing some tutorials of my own.

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Recently I was featured in Rock N’Roll Bride magazine with my tutorial on glitter shoes.  (Such a simple way to sparkle up your shoes  - I did sections of my trainers and posted them on Instagram a while back here.)  It came out so well in print and that made me really think I wanted to offer more ‘how-to’s’ on my blog for all my lovely customers and readers.


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These are a few images from the ‘finished article’ shoot I did with my wonderful photographer Laura Power.  I just had to share them.  I’d really like to get Laura to shoot all my finished tutorial pieces – she makes everything look so amazing!


Jen-5 small

Jen-18 small

Jen-3 small

I’m super excited to be working with Laura again tomorrow for some more finished article pictures for more tutorials i’m working on – soon to be shared here I promise!

I’m always looking for new tutorial inspiration – do you have anything that you’d like me to show you how to make?  I’m totally open to ideas, message me of pop your requests in the comments below.

In the meantime, who wants to see the glitter shoes tutorial?


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