Cracking job gromit!

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Roger the rainbow gromit

I totally fell for Roger the Rainbow Gromit!

Last night was the GRAND FINALE of a dog-crazy summer in Bristol.

For anyone that has absolutely no idea what I am talking about, ‘Gromit Unleashed’ was part of ‘The Grand Appeal’ which has Wallace and Gromit as mascots raising money for the Bristol Childrens hospital.

Eighty huge Gromit dogs, which had been decorated and painted by artists, designers and celebrities, formed a huge public art trail that took over Bristol and the surrounding areas – there was even one that made it as far as London.

gromit collage

For 10 weeks the whole of Bristol (and lots of visitors!) got involved in ‘Gromit Spotting’.  With a smartphone app, or your trail map you could track down the sculptures, get some exercise and generally get to know Bristol, and Gromit, better.

It was such fun and I would always squeal with delight when I spotted one – especially when I’d not realised one was near!  My parents even came down from the Peak District for a weekend and we managed to spot 56 in two days – even the rain couldn’t stop us.  (I will admit now that Ben and I both dreamt only about Gromit for two nights following that weekend – we had a bit of an overdose!

gromit collage 2

The huge finale of the ‘Greatest Dog Show on Earth’ saw all the Gromits being auctioned off last night – and raised an enormous £2,357,000.00!! AMAZING!!

We watched a live stream of the auction online, and spent the evening screaming at the computer screen, and cheering at all the sales.  Twitter went crazy.  It was pretty emotional.

may contain nuts and bolts gromit

May Contain Nuts and Bolts at Temple Meads Station

tom's gromit

Proud friends of ‘Being Gromit Malkovich’

I have to also mention that my studio neighbour and friend, Tom Dowdeswell actually painted THIS Gromit!  Called ‘Being Gromit Malkovich’ It sold for a massive £21,000!  It’s fair to say I was even more excited for this part of the auction!!  Painted in Toms unique, colourful style, described as reinventing facets of Vorticsm, Constructivism, Futureism and Dadaism for the modern age.  (I describe it as exciting, trippy visuals!)  Do check out his work here at Saachi Online.

Now that the auction is over, and each Gromit has a new home we bid a fond farewell to them and wish them well.

Bristol and I are going to miss those hounds.

wallace and gromit the grand appeal dad and ben funny (1)

I just had to include this picture of my dad and Ben – hilarious!


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