1. Our video from The Costa Sisters!

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    Hey everyone.  I’m so super excited to share our new video.

    I decided that I wanted a little video for my business.  I looked at lots of different videographers and although they were all very talented, I didn’t feel a connection with any of them.  After a while, I was recommended to visit The Costa Sisters website.  I was instantly blown away by their dreamy vintage style, and beautifil production, so I got in touch right away.

    I knew that I wanted to talk to the camera a little, but I was SO NERVOUS about doing it.  I needn’t have worried – Elena and Sofia put me totally at ease and showed me what they had in mind – I had a tear in my eye when I saw their ideas.  The day of the filming I was really nervous again, but again, I needn’t have been.  It was really more like a fun day out with friends than anything else.  These girls are GOOD.

    I urge anyone wanting a video for their website to get in touch with the Costa Sisters, you will not be disapointed!

    So here is the result.  I hope you love it.


  2. who wants a easy mirrorball necklace tutorial?

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    photographed by www.laurapower.co.uk

    As promised, the third tutorial in the series of four that I did for Rock N’Roll Bride, my mirrorball necklace!  This is so super easy to make, and really stunning to wear too.  Perfect for the upcoming festivities!


    simple mirrorball necklace diy1

    ♥ Bag of small glass mirror tiles
    ♥ Chalk pencil
    ♥ Felt
    ♥ Strong glue (I like E6000 multi purpose adhesive - it’s awesome!)
    ♥ Scissors
    ♥ Needle and thread
    ♥ Silver chain and fastenings


    Step One: Decide how wide you want your mirrorball necklace pendant to be.  I like my jewellery chunky so have gone for 10 cm across.

    Draw a chalk line 10 cm across the felt. At the centre (5 cm) mark a line 1 cm down. Then connect those markings to form a shallow ‘V’ shape. Extend the centre line down approximately 10 cm.

    simple mirrorball necklace diy2


    Step Two: Apply glue to the tiles one by one and glue them along the shallow ‘V’ starting in the middle. Make sure you have the same number of tiles on each side of the centre line

    simple mirrorball necklace diy3

    Step Three: Build up your layers always starting in the centre and finish the shape with a single tile at the bottom. Allow the glue to dry.

    simple mirrorball necklace diy4

    Step Four: Cut out the felt around the tiles as closely as possible.

    simple mirrorball necklace diy5

    Step Five: Prepare your silver chain (these are available at most craft stores with the fastenings already attached but can be easily added if not). Cut it to the length you want your necklace to hang and stitch the ends of the chain to the back of the mirrorball pendant with your needle and thread.

    simple mirrorball necklace diy6

    And that’s it! You’re ready to go out and sparkle, disco queen!

    photographed by www.laurapower.co.uk

    Amazing  finished piece photography by Laura Power

  3. leather bow shoe clips – tutorial

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    photographed by www.laurapower.co.uk

    I wanted to upload this tutorial last Monday, but was victim to an awful week of headaches and resulting low productivity – I even had to cancel 3 social engagements.  Very unlike me!

    I’m back on form this week and have these leather bow shoe clips to share with you from a series of four tutorial I did for the gorgeous Rock N’Roll bride and her blog.  I made them with skull buttons, but if skulls aren’t your thing you could add any sorts of buttons you like.  Stars, unicorns, flowers, anything!  In fact, you could even leave them completely buttonless, I think they’d be just as cute!


    1 Head Full of Feathers Leather and skulls shoe clips (1)

    ♥ Leather scraps cut to 19 cm x 8 cm (x2) and 8 cm x 3 cm (x2
    ♥ Scissors
    ♥ Needle and thread
    ♥ Chalk pencil
    ♥ Glue
    ♥ Craft clips or clothes pegs
    ♥ Broderie Anglaise trim
    ♥ Skull Buttons
    ♥ Shoe clip backs (available at craft stores)


    Step One: Glue all along the long edges of your leather pieces. Fold in 1 cm from each side (1/2 a cm for the smaller pieces) to create a neat edge. Clip together to secure while they dry.

    1 Head Full of Feathers Leather and skulls shoe clips (2)

    Step Two: Cut your Broderie Anglaise trim into 4 pieces of 8 cm. Glue two piece to the back of each small leather piece. Set aside to dry.

    1 Head Full of Feathers Leather and skulls shoe clips (3)

    Step Three: To start making the bow shape, mark the centre line of your large leather pieces with your chalk pencil and apply a line of glue, 1 cm either side. Fold the ends in to this line and clip them in place to dry.

    1 Head Full of Feathers Leather and skulls shoe clips (4)

    Step Four: Stitch the shoe clip findings to the ends of your small leather pieces trimmed with Broderie Anglais (these will make the centre of your bows).

    1 Head Full of Feathers Leather and skulls shoe clips (5)

    Step Five: Once dried, take the large leather pieces and fold them in half, wrong side out as shown, and stitch them. Flip them over and glue the outsides down to get the bow shape. Clip or peg this in shape until it dries.

    1 Head Full of Feathers Leather and skulls shoe clips (6)

    Step Six: Wrap the small leather/ Broderie Anglais pieces (with shoe clip facing outwards) around the bow and stitch the ends together to make it secure. Make sure your shoe clip lies on the underside of the bow.

    1 Head Full of Feathers Leather and skulls shoe clips (7)

    Step Seven: Snip a small hole in the centre of the bow. Put a little glue on the back of your skull buttons and push the part that you would normally stitch to your garment, down the hole (you can stitch it in place to make it more secure, but it’s not necessary if you use strong glue).

    1 Head Full of Feathers Leather and skulls shoe clips (8)

    Step Eight: You’re done. Attach the shoe clips to your old shoes and you’ll have brand new pair for just a few pence!

    photographed by www.laurapower.co.uk



  4. more decoden phone cases… hurrah!

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    I’ve had such fun working on these new kawaii decoden phone cases.  Working out what pieces will fit and make a lovely graduated ombre effect, while keeping all the little faces smiling outwards, is such fun.  I actually made four more, but they were sold before I even managed to upload them onto my website.


    They’re not for the faint hearted, they get SO MUCH attention when you whip out your phone, but always get plenty of smiles.  They make great back sctatchers too.  Honestly, just try it.

    IMG_4712These cases are all available now at £28 each.If you don’t see one in the colours you love, or for your model of phone, get in touch and I can see if I can create a custom one for you. Have a fab day!




  5. how to make your own ombre feather skirt.

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    feather ombre skirt diy tutorial by head full of feathers

    You know I love tutorials and recently I put together a series of fashion ‘how-to’s’ for Kat of Rock N’Roll Bride - here is the first in the series – Feather Ombre Skirt!  Of course I chose blues and greens (I do love them so) but I’d love to see what colour combo’s you come up with.

    photographed by www.laurapower.co.uk



    ♥ Feather trim x 3 colours (length of trim depends on your measurements. You will want the rooster feathers at around 7-8 inches length).

    ♥ Bodycon stretch miniskirt

    ♥ Scissors

    ♥ Tape measure

    ♥ Chalk pencil

    ♥ Needle and thread

    ♥ Dressmakers pins


    1 Head Full of Feathers Skirt Tutorial



    Step One: Measure 8 cm from the top of your skirt and mark with your chalk pencil, measure 10 cm down and mark again, and then another 10 cm down. The top 8 cm will be left without feathers and gives the skirt some shape with a waistband.

    2 Head Full of Feathers Skirt Tutorial

    Step Two: 2. Draw a line all around the skirt on these measurements with your chalk pencil.

    3 Head Full of Feathers Skirt Tutorial

    Step Three: To measure how much feather trim you need, put your skirt on and stand with your feet shoulder width apart. This will allow for the stretch of the skirt while you wear it and will give you a comfortable amount of feather trim to use.

    Step Four: Take the measurements around your body at the same points as the chalk lines.

    Step Five: Add 6 cm to each measurement (2 cm for a fold-over seam allowance and 4 cm for extra give in the trim).

    For example, my measurements are 95 cm for the top (blue) section – so cut length is 101 cm, 102 cm for the middle (turquoise) section – so cut length is 108 cm and 109 cm for the bottom (green) section – so cut length is 115 cm. Cut the feather trim to the correct length.

    Step Six: On the skirt, mark the centre back and centre front on all the lines and lay the skirt front side up.

    4 Head Full of Feathers Skirt Tutorial

    Step Seven: Starting at the bottom, hold the (green) feather trim in half to find the centre.

    5 Head Full of Feathers Skirt Tutorial

    Step Eight: Pin the centre of the trim onto the centre front mark you made on the bottom line.

    6 Head Full of Feathers Skirt Tutorial

    Step Nine: Flip the skirt and feather trim combo over (so the feather trim is in a loop around the skirt). Fold in 1 cm on each end of the trim to make it neat and stitch these ends together on the centre back mark you made with the chalk. Then flip the skirt again and stitch where you pinned at the front.

    Step Ten: Flip the skirt a quarter of the way around and flatten so that the side seam of the skirt is facing up at you. Stitch the centre of the trim to the side seam. Then flip it over again and stitch the other side seam. The skirt will now have the bottom piece of trim attached at four points.



    Step Eleven: Continue this process, attaching the trim to the skirt at half way points between the stitching until the trim is attached at 16 points around the skirt on your chalk line. The trim is longer than the circumference of the skirt so it will bunch up – this is ok, it will smooth out when you are wearing it.


    Step Twelve: Repeat with the next two layers of feathers working up the skirt, turquoise to blue, and then you’re done!

    Head-Full-of-Feathers-Skirt-Tutorial-step-12-576x384You are finished! I’d love to see pictures of your feather skirts in your favourite colours.  Maybe we should have a feather skirt cocktail party…?

    photographed by www.laurapower.co.uk

     Beautiful photography by Laura Power

  6. who likes tutorials? I do!

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    I absolutely LOVE tutorials.  For anything – fashion, home, cooking, make-up, hair… endless lists of anything you might want to do or make are online.  I also LOVE working out how to make things, so I thought it might be time to merge my two passions and start doing some tutorials of my own.

    Jen-12 small

    Jen-14 small

    Recently I was featured in Rock N’Roll Bride magazine with my tutorial on glitter shoes.  (Such a simple way to sparkle up your shoes  - I did sections of my trainers and posted them on Instagram a while back here.)  It came out so well in print and that made me really think I wanted to offer more ‘how-to’s’ on my blog for all my lovely customers and readers.


    Jen-10 small

    These are a few images from the ‘finished article’ shoot I did with my wonderful photographer Laura Power.  I just had to share them.  I’d really like to get Laura to shoot all my finished tutorial pieces – she makes everything look so amazing!


    Jen-5 small

    Jen-18 small

    Jen-3 small

    I’m super excited to be working with Laura again tomorrow for some more finished article pictures for more tutorials i’m working on – soon to be shared here I promise!

    I’m always looking for new tutorial inspiration – do you have anything that you’d like me to show you how to make?  I’m totally open to ideas, message me of pop your requests in the comments below.

    In the meantime, who wants to see the glitter shoes tutorial?


  7. Cracking job gromit!

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    Roger the rainbow gromit

    I totally fell for Roger the Rainbow Gromit!

    Last night was the GRAND FINALE of a dog-crazy summer in Bristol.

    For anyone that has absolutely no idea what I am talking about, ‘Gromit Unleashed’ was part of ‘The Grand Appeal’ which has Wallace and Gromit as mascots raising money for the Bristol Childrens hospital.

    Eighty huge Gromit dogs, which had been decorated and painted by artists, designers and celebrities, formed a huge public art trail that took over Bristol and the surrounding areas – there was even one that made it as far as London.

    gromit collage

    For 10 weeks the whole of Bristol (and lots of visitors!) got involved in ‘Gromit Spotting’.  With a smartphone app, or your trail map you could track down the sculptures, get some exercise and generally get to know Bristol, and Gromit, better.

    It was such fun and I would always squeal with delight when I spotted one – especially when I’d not realised one was near!  My parents even came down from the Peak District for a weekend and we managed to spot 56 in two days – even the rain couldn’t stop us.  (I will admit now that Ben and I both dreamt only about Gromit for two nights following that weekend – we had a bit of an overdose!


  8. time for some silliness – cat accessories!

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    Crazy cat lady glitter necklace and shoe clips!

    I’ve taken some time this week playing with cute designs – shoe clips and matching necklace with a bit of  kawai- kitty charm.  I think i’ll be getting myself a reputation as the crazy cat lady soon enough since our cat holidays with us – I might as well have them on my toes too.

    I got a request for a rainbow version from one of our most wonderful customers.  Im working on them Kerry, i’ll let you know what I come up with!

    Jen x


  9. A lot of love for The Little Blog of Beauty!

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    Rainbow glitter shoe clip collage 3

    I met Becky from The Little Blog of Beauty early this year a bloggers meet-up in Bristol.  I’ve been following her blog ever since – a down to earth and honest blog reviewing of all things beauty.

    We got chatting recently on Twitter after I had posted a link to my new rainbow glitter shoe clips – and I asked if she would like to do a review of them on her blog.  Becky said she would love to and I sent a pair over.  You can see what Becky thinks of her shoe clips here.